“I am now a proud non smoker thanks to this brilliant program. I’d been a heavy smoker for over 30yrs and never thought I’d be able to quit, I’d tried everything, patches, tablets from the doc, nicotine gum I’d tried the lot, was trying to shift the the vap but the nurse said that was worse and caused popcorn lung. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and she was right, luckily I also found this site and got a copy of the stop smoking program, I felt relieved that the first session was a gentle introduction with cutting down, which I found surprisingly easier than I thought. Then I was into the stopping session but knew I had reinforcement and support sessions to help me and I can honestly say I did feel supported throughout. I did feel reassured by the fact I could contact Sue for a private session if I needed to but I’ve been great so far!!! Great course recommend it to anyone who’s looking to quit, if I can do it anyone can!!!

Brian Bell,