“My sleep problems were getting worse, I would feel anxious about going to bed, worried that I would have yet another night of lying awake all night, I ended up even hating my bed as I would associate with anxiety lying awake but desperately wanting a good night sleep. A good night for me was 1-2hrs as some night I wouldn’t even drop of at all and life was becoming unbearable. I’d tried everything supplements, a blue light thing, even sleeping tablets didn’t work for me, so I tried meditation but I couldn’t get into it. Another night feeling desperate trawling the internet for a solution before going to bed I stumbled across this site and downloaded the better sleep program which is more than just another hypnosis audio there are 7 tracks and a daily support recording that I would use at bedtime and would usually fall asleep during the track. I am so happy and don’t need the program anymore but I have continued with the guidelines given in  the program and know the audios are there if I ever need them again.

Sharon Turner,