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I would highly recommend Sue to anyone thinking of having hypnotherapy. I have really felt the benefits of my sessions and have been able to build my self confidence and resiliance massively. Sue is welcoming and kind and creates a safe environment for you to reflect and move forward towards your goal at a pace that works for you.


County Durham

“My IBS was getting worse and even if I was on a good day I would worry about it. Although the pain was just awful what was really impacting on me too was the fact that I was becoming anxious about going anywhere. I couldn’t use public transport and I was even getting anxious driving short distances. I used to love going for walks and days out but now worry I would be caught short. I couldn’t go into a shop or café unless I knew there were toilets. I was sick of it!! I didn’t want to be on constant painkillers but at least I had them, but there was nothing to help with the worry and I was becoming more and more of a hermit. Trawling the Internet I found the support I was looking for and it’s turned my life around, from the first session of the IBS program I knew this would work for me and it has!! I still have some symptoms but not as bad and I feel more in control and best of all I no longer worry about going out. I’ve changed my mindset, I used to allow my IBS control me, I wouldn’t go places because of IBS, now I don’t let it control me anymore. I’m calm and happy, confident to just get on with my life. Excellent program thoroughly recommend.



“My life was being ruined by my blushing habit, just about anyone would trigger it, as soon as someone was looking at me there it was!!! Arghhh even in the post office, what!! Why was this happening? I didn’t even feel embarrassed so why was I blushing? I tried green camouflage creams but I felt you could still tell and it was ruining my life. Thankfully I found help here, no more blushing!! And no more worrying about blushing!!! Just brilliant I feel like I’ve got my life back. Terrific program definitely recommend!! I didn’t even think it would work!!

Jackie S,


“I had a real phobia of flying, I don’t know where it came from because I used to be ok. The last flight I took, just a 2 and a bit hour flight I actually cried most of the flight, as a bloke I was embarrassed but I just couldn’t help it. I have tried to fly since but this time I couldn’t even get on the plane. I was really frustrated with myself because this meant we couldn’t all take a family holiday abroad so it was affected them too. I hadn’t really thought of hypnosis but my friend had tried it for stopping smoking so I decided to give it a try. The great thing is not only was I fine flying but I wasn’t worrying about it for weeks before either!! Absolutely brilliant 5 stars!!

John Hamlet,


“I would never of thought of hypnosis for fertility but my friend had HypnoBirthing sessions with Sue and recommended so I checked out the site. I was unsure whether to have some sessions or get the program so I thought I would try the program first. There was lots of information about research and trials using hypnosis alongside IVF and this really inspired me to continue with the program. I felt so much calmer and positive than my first round of IVF treatment and I did get pregnant!!!! I’m over the moon, who can say if it would have happened anyway but I know really benefited and I am still benefiting from the sessions now as they help me feel calm and relaxed and keeps my stress levels at bay. Amazing!!!

Jane Hamilton,


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