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“All I can say is WOW I’m so glad I decided to get the Weight Loss Program it’s completely changed my eating habits and my life!!!!! I’m so happy that I’m finally losing weight but I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on anything and really feel like I eat what I want when I want and yet I’m losing weight. Sounds like magic but when I think about it I am eating far less than I used to, I think I was just in a habit of always thinking about food and so always wanting to eat even when I wasn’t hungry. Now I enjoy feeling hungry and eating only when I am hungry and I just kinda stop when I’m full. Brilliant thank you five stars!!! I will be buying from you again.

Tracy Wilson,

Greater Manchester

“I was really too nervous to have a one to one session for hypnotherapy but quite hesitant of buying a hypnosis program but felt reassured that I could contact Sue for an appointment so I could back up my treatment from my self hypnosis audio plan if I needed to. I’m so glad I went ahead, I had got myself into a bad place and the self esteem program has helped my enormously.

Jonathan Davies,


“I was unsure about buying a hypnosis program but because I could see that Sue was a practicing accredited hypnotherapist with many years experience I felt I could trust I would be buying something that was professionally put together and that I could have some hypnotherapy with Sue if I wanted to. Well I’m so so happy I did!!! I was really struggling with weight gain and other problems with the dreaded menopause and I can’t believe the difference this has made to my life. Thank you!!

David Grainger,


“Sue is an amazing hypnotherapist and she is so lovely. I was really nervous and I’d not really used zoom before but she talked me through the full process and I loved the experience. Stress? What stress? Thank you Sue I won’t hesitate to come back to you if my stress levels ever get the better of me again.

Anita Woodhouse,


“I’d had a sugar addiction all my life I could eat my own body weight in chocolate!!! If it wasn’t for chocolate I’d be a size 10. I was sick of yo yo dieting, I could stick to it for so long but then my craving for chocolate would always get me again. Using the beating sugar addiction program has really helped me to change my relationship with sugar, to still enjoy my food but not to be obsessed and always thinking about what I could have to eat next. I’m loving my new healthy vibe and slim body.

Anna Gill,


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