“Well I’d all but given up passing my driving test after failing for the 13th time. My driving instructor insists that I am a more than capable driver and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t pass but I always just go to pieces during my test. I had contacted Sue I realised that because I had failed so many times I was expecting to fail again, but Sue identified what was causing my real issue was the fact that I was scared to drive on my own in case something happened and I wouldn’t know what to do, or I might get lost. We worked through these issues and not only did I finally pass my test but I love driving!!!! And I also love driving on my own!!! I was really impressed and recommended to my niece who was a nervous driver and was struggling to pass her test. She decided to buy the driving confidence program and it worked a treat!!!! We are both very happy we found you 5 stars lovely lady!!!

Barbara Holmes,