“My IBS was getting worse and even if I was on a good day I would worry about it. Although the pain was just awful what was really impacting on me too was the fact that I was becoming anxious about going anywhere. I couldn’t use public transport and I was even getting anxious driving short distances. I used to love going for walks and days out but now worry I would be caught short. I couldn’t go into a shop or café unless I knew there were toilets. I was sick of it!! I didn’t want to be on constant painkillers but at least I had them, but there was nothing to help with the worry and I was becoming more and more of a hermit. Trawling the Internet I found the support I was looking for and it’s turned my life around, from the first session of the IBS program I knew this would work for me and it has!! I still have some symptoms but not as bad and I feel more in control and best of all I no longer worry about going out. I’ve changed my mindset, I used to allow my IBS control me, I wouldn’t go places because of IBS, now I don’t let it control me anymore. I’m calm and happy, confident to just get on with my life. Excellent program thoroughly recommend.