“I had been struggling  with my weight all my life, I was always on a diet!!! Yet I was still over weight L I would lose weight but then put it all back on again, and more. After talking over with a friend I realised that dieting wasn’t working for me and in fact I was putting more weight on every year!! We were looking on the internet and came across the self hypnosis audios site. After all the money I’d spent on dieting even though I was sceptical I thought I’d give the weight loss program a go. Wow from my very first session I started to notice changes I wasn’t thinking about food all the time and I wasn’t snacking like I used to. Then by the end of the program my eating habits and my relationship with food had totally changed!!! I looked forward to my meals and really enjoyed my food but I only wanted to eat when I was hungry, not because I’d had a bad day or because someone else was eating, or because I was always thinking about food and like magic I found myself leaving food on my plate!!! Never done that before!!! Not because I was tying to leave some I was just enjoying every yummy mouthful but just seemed to stop when I was full, a bit like when you’ve had enough to drink, kinda hard to force yourself to drink more. Enjoying my food and losing weight and best of all I’m not on a diet. Hurray finally something that works for me excellent program thoroughly recommend!!!

Patricia Devonport,