“All I can say is WOW I’m so glad I decided to get the Weight Loss Program it’s completely changed my eating habits and my life!!!!! I’m so happy that I’m finally losing weight but I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on anything and really feel like I eat what I want when I want and yet I’m losing weight. Sounds like magic but when I think about it I am eating far less than I used to, I think I was just in a habit of always thinking about food and so always wanting to eat even when I wasn’t hungry. Now I enjoy feeling hungry and eating only when I am hungry and I just kinda stop when I’m full. Brilliant thank you five stars!!! I will be buying from you again.

“I was really too nervous to have a one to one session for hypnotherapy but quite hesitant of buying a hypnosis program but felt reassured that I could contact Sue for an appointment so I could back up my treatment from my self hypnosis audio plan if I needed to. I’m so glad I went ahead, I had got myself into a bad place and the self esteem program has helped my enormously.

“I was unsure about buying a hypnosis program but because I could see that Sue was a practicing accredited hypnotherapist with many years experience I felt I could trust I would be buying something that was professionally put together and that I could have some hypnotherapy with Sue if I wanted to. Well I’m so so happy I did!!! I was really struggling with weight gain and other problems with the dreaded menopause and I can’t believe the difference this has made to my life. Thank you!!

“Sue is an amazing hypnotherapist and she is so lovely. I was really nervous and I’d not really used zoom before but she talked me through the full process and I loved the experience. Stress? What stress? Thank you Sue I won’t hesitate to come back to you if my stress levels ever get the better of me again.

“I’d had a sugar addiction all my life I could eat my own body weight in chocolate!!! If it wasn’t for chocolate I’d be a size 10. I was sick of yo yo dieting, I could stick to it for so long but then my craving for chocolate would always get me again. Using the beating sugar addiction program has really helped me to change my relationship with sugar, to still enjoy my food but not to be obsessed and always thinking about what I could have to eat next. I’m loving my new healthy vibe and slim body.

“It’s impossible to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep right coz you don’t realise you’re doing it. The number of times I would wake up in pain. Bespoke mouth guards from the dentist hadn’t worked and I’ve already had to have 4 dental implants because I had lost my teeth through clenching and grinding in the night. Dental implants had cost me a fortune and I was living on pain killers. Didn’t really think it would work but I was desperate and would try anything!! Omg it actually worked can’t recommend the Bruxism program enough. THANK YOU 5 stars

“After been apprehensive about my first session I needn’t have worried as Sue helped me to feel immediately at ease. Sue is lovely and she really understood me and my issues and her expertise had me feeling better in know time, I feel like a new man now!!! I still feel like me only better, happier and more at ease. Thank you Sue Since then I have bought a program to keep me topped up!!! And I’m maintaining my new found confidence.

“I wanted some hypnotherapy sessions with Sue after been recommended by a friend but my internet is rubbish here so after a consultation Sue completely got me and understood exactly what I needed and she made me a bespoke program just for me to download. How good is that!!

“Awesome!!! You have helped me save my relationship!!! I was having some problems let’s say in the bedroom department and my partner didn’t understand and thought I was having an affair. When she finally did believe me and understood we had already started drifting apart. I had been to my doctor but found to be nothing physically wrong so what to do. Decided to get the program to help sexual issues I mean I was sceptical but what did I have to lose? Result!!! Problem what problem? Feel like I’m on my honeymoon all over again!!! Recommend!!

“I felt like I was loosing my mind with lack of sleep, tossing and turning every night. I actually started getting anxious about going to bed. I had tried everything to no avail but the get better sleep program has hit the spot!!! I had forgot how amazing it feels to wake up after a good nights sleep. Been sleeping well every night for a month now, well except for the night my neighbours decided to have a party!!

“I had such a fear of needles but needed some blood tests. I had made several appointments but ending up bailing when anyone came near me with a needle, they were really kind and understanding nurses but I just couldn’t do it. I was looking on the internet and found I could purchase a hypnosis program to use at home. I was reassured by the fact that Sue is a practicing hypnotherapist with many years experience and that I could even have a session with her if I needed to, so I decided to give it a go. Well all I can say is, amazing, the phobia is gone!!! Don’t get me wrong I didn’t look forward to having my bloods taken but that awful crippling uncontrollable fear I’d had all my life had gone!!! Thank you!!! totally recommend 5 stars!!!

“I had booked a holiday of a lifetime with my husband and friends to visit Sri Lanka and we had booked many excursions one of which was to walk the rainforest canopy. I desperately wanted to do this but I had two massive problems; fear of heights and fear of bridges!! I was recommended Sue by more than one friend who had seen Sue for different reasons so wasn’t sure if she could help. Well after one session I already felt cured but I did have another before I went just in case!!! Well I’m back from my hols now after having an amazing time and yes I did walk the canopy and enjoyed every second of it!! Thank you Sue I will recommend you 100%

“I was about to lose my job working offshore on the rigs my dreaded survival training had come round again. I was just terrified of going under the water and it had got harder and harder each year as my fear just seemed to be escalating until for the first time even though I was embarrassed in front of the lads, I ran off and couldn’t do it. After trawling the internet and recommendation from a friend I decided to contact Sue. I was kinda sceptical as just thinking about the training terrified me to the point of tears, but I did feel immediately completely at ease with Sue and felt she could really help me, and she did!!! Thank god one session with you has saved my job, my self respect and my sanity!!! Cheers Sue can’t recommend enough!!

“I had been struggling  with my weight all my life, I was always on a diet!!! Yet I was still over weight L I would lose weight but then put it all back on again, and more. After talking over with a friend I realised that dieting wasn’t working for me and in fact I was putting more weight on every year!! We were looking on the internet and came across the self hypnosis audios site. After all the money I’d spent on dieting even though I was sceptical I thought I’d give the weight loss program a go. Wow from my very first session I started to notice changes I wasn’t thinking about food all the time and I wasn’t snacking like I used to. Then by the end of the program my eating habits and my relationship with food had totally changed!!! I looked forward to my meals and really enjoyed my food but I only wanted to eat when I was hungry, not because I’d had a bad day or because someone else was eating, or because I was always thinking about food and like magic I found myself leaving food on my plate!!! Never done that before!!! Not because I was tying to leave some I was just enjoying every yummy mouthful but just seemed to stop when I was full, a bit like when you’ve had enough to drink, kinda hard to force yourself to drink more. Enjoying my food and losing weight and best of all I’m not on a diet. Hurray finally something that works for me excellent program thoroughly recommend!!!

“This is my second review, a follow up from my first. I just wanted to say omg I was blown away by how easy and effective this weight loss program is but wow for the first time in my life after hitting my ideal weight, I can’t hardly believe it, it’s still sinking in, I have tears of joy in my eyes as I’m writing this, I’m actually maintaining!!!! I’m not on a diet so I’m not coming off a diet. I choose what I actually want to eat rather what I think I should eat, diet food. But I am choosing and enjoying healthy foods, not that I don’t have the naughty stuff too, just more in proportion, less of it and I find I fancy it less often. This program is amazing!!!

“I was totally at a loss of what to do my weight had been escalating year on year and I must have tried every diet under the sun!!! I really did keep to the diet, I exercised regularly and I was so upset that despite all my hard work the weight loss was nothing to minimal. I even went to the doctor to get my thyroid checked, I had tests but all came back normal. I felt unhappy and frustrated that I couldn’t lose weight and that nobody believed I was sticking to my diet. Then I came across this site and found ‘could it be your hormones’  could this be the answer I thought, well I was willing to give it a try. I was amazed that in addition to the hypnosis audios were the 90+ pages of support document which included a hormone indicators questionnaire which helped identify if I had any imbalances. I read how an imbalance in 5 hormones could sabotage my weight loss, helped me realise what was disrupting my hormonal balance. I discovered about hormone disrupters and the four core principals to restoring my hormone balance. After applying the 4 keys to rebalancing my hormones with the help of the hypnosis audios I am now slim, healthy and happy. I love my new body and shape and I feel amazing with loads of energy, I got a new lease of life. I am so grateful for this program and so glad I got it!!!! Brilliant I’d give you 10 stars if I could!!

“I was really up against it with my exams!!! I felt like I was running out of time as the exams loomed ever closer. I felt like I couldn’t absorb the information, my mind kept drifting and even when I felt I was more focused I must have read that page 100 times and I still couldn’t remember what it said, I thought I was doomed to fail!! Luckily for me a friend had used this site with great results and I found that there was a program to help with exams. This looked like a great program as it also included exam nerves, another issue I had, even when I thought I knew something I would get those blind panic moments during the exam and feel wretched after struggling to sleep the night before because of worrying. Just outstanding, I still cannot believe what a difference this has made. I noticed an immediate difference during my studying, I felt calm and focused and didn’t dread my study time anymore. Waiting outside the exam room I didn’t feel nervous anymore, I sort of felt a little excited, I just couldn’t wait to prove to myself how much I knew!! Blimey I actually enjoyed my exams!!!! I had one brief moment where I felt my anxiety pop up again but I quickly got it under control with the calm anchor included with the program. Thank you A*

“Just a line to say thank-you for helping my patient to stop smoking through one of your hypnotherapy sessions! Between us we have tried every avenue to stop smoking and thanks to your visit to Identity Dental Care  I still had your details to hand. The feedback she has given me about your care and management of her situation is all wonderful and I hope to refer more of my patients to you in the future.
Dental hygienist.

“I have always had issues with intimacy and this would always impact on any relationship I had. I felt too embarrassed in the first instance to speak to a therapist so I decided to buy the sexual issues program that looked to contain a lot that would help me and honestly it really has, massively so. I ‘m so glad I decided to give it a go!! Excellent package!!

“I had been struggling with a cocaine addiction for years, I always set off with good intentions to never cave into that craving again but I would always end up giving in. After working through the program I’ve managed to quell the cravings and kick the habit, finally. Good stuff!!!

“I had been using cocaine for far too long now, it was costing me a fortune and starting to really cause problems in my relationship. I expected to need a lot of sessions but I can’t believe it, I just had one session with Sue and I’ve stopped!!!! Not even interested in it anymore, even when my mates are egging me on, I’m feeling really chuffed with myself and my girlfriend is over the moon!!!

“I thought I would never be able to break my cocaine habit, I was starting to use more and more, costing more than I could afford and I was sick of feeling dreadful afterwards. Got the stop cocaine program and I’ve never looked back!!! Got my life back on track, feeling great and love having money to spend on other things again. Recommend 5 stars

“Smoking cannabis had become a daily habit for me and felt it was time to knock it on the head as I was starting to realise I was dependent on it to relax on a night. I had been reading about the long term affects and knew I needed to stop. I took the plunge and got the program and this stuff actually works!! Great stuff well pleased.

“Alcohol had become a daily habit for me, I would look forward to it as a treat after work. But my 1 glass a night went to 2 and then the full bottle. Then it had got to the stage where I was opening a second bottle and I was really struggling to pull myself round on a morning for work. I looked and felt dreadful. I came across this site and thought I would give the alcohol reduction program a try, I didn’t want to stop drinking completely but I needed to get out of this daily cycle. The program really helped support me through this change and I really feel I’ve turned a corner, thank you great program, recommend big time.

“My sleep problems were getting worse, I would feel anxious about going to bed, worried that I would have yet another night of lying awake all night, I ended up even hating my bed as I would associate with anxiety lying awake but desperately wanting a good night sleep. A good night for me was 1-2hrs as some night I wouldn’t even drop of at all and life was becoming unbearable. I’d tried everything supplements, a blue light thing, even sleeping tablets didn’t work for me, so I tried meditation but I couldn’t get into it. Another night feeling desperate trawling the internet for a solution before going to bed I stumbled across this site and downloaded the better sleep program which is more than just another hypnosis audio there are 7 tracks and a daily support recording that I would use at bedtime and would usually fall asleep during the track. I am so happy and don’t need the program anymore but I have continued with the guidelines given in  the program and know the audios are there if I ever need them again.

“I am now a proud non smoker thanks to this brilliant program. I’d been a heavy smoker for over 30yrs and never thought I’d be able to quit, I’d tried everything, patches, tablets from the doc, nicotine gum I’d tried the lot, was trying to shift the the vap but the nurse said that was worse and caused popcorn lung. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and she was right, luckily I also found this site and got a copy of the stop smoking program, I felt relieved that the first session was a gentle introduction with cutting down, which I found surprisingly easier than I thought. Then I was into the stopping session but knew I had reinforcement and support sessions to help me and I can honestly say I did feel supported throughout. I did feel reassured by the fact I could contact Sue for a private session if I needed to but I’ve been great so far!!! Great course recommend it to anyone who’s looking to quit, if I can do it anyone can!!!

“I’d been struggling with poor sleep for a couple of years but it had got horribly worse with the onset of the menopause. I had a session with Sue, yes that’s right one session!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I’ve slept every night since and feel like a different woman!! After my success I decided to have another session for something else and that worked a treat as well. As I was feeling so good about myself I decided now was the time to finally pass my driving test, after failing 13 times I had given up, but felt inspired after my sessions with Sue. I decided to try the program, just coz I was curious I guess how it might differ. Well I did miss Sue’s lovely manner but the program was just brilliant and guess what, yes of course I finally did it!!! I passed my test hurray!!! You are a very talented lady Sue Rowland I’m glad to have met you. I have recommended you to all my friends and family, not that I needed to they can’t believe the difference in me!!! And my hubby says ‘he’s got his gorgeous wife back!’

“Well I’d all but given up passing my driving test after failing for the 13th time. My driving instructor insists that I am a more than capable driver and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t pass but I always just go to pieces during my test. I had contacted Sue I realised that because I had failed so many times I was expecting to fail again, but Sue identified what was causing my real issue was the fact that I was scared to drive on my own in case something happened and I wouldn’t know what to do, or I might get lost. We worked through these issues and not only did I finally pass my test but I love driving!!!! And I also love driving on my own!!! I was really impressed and recommended to my niece who was a nervous driver and was struggling to pass her test. She decided to buy the driving confidence program and it worked a treat!!!! We are both very happy we found you 5 stars lovely lady!!!

“I would say that day to day I am quite a confident person and confident in my abilities but when it came to public speaking that was a different matter. Just the thought of it was making me feel sick!! Desperately looking for some self help I found the hypnosis program for public speaking and it’s changed my life because not only was I completely fine, I really enjoyed it, so much so that I’ve changed jobs, a promotion for me involving more public speaking which I would have shied away for before. Excellent program.

“I had passed my test years ago but only drove a short distance once a week to the shops as I could walk to work. But now several years down the line I took a new job but it was 20 miles away and I had to drive on the dual carriageways and soon realised I was anxious on the faster roads. Sensibly I had a few driving lessons but they didn’t seem to help. My instructor thought it might be psychological and suggested I tried hypnosis. I found this site and got myself the driving confidence program, what a difference, I now feel calm and confident driving even on the faster roads. Definitely recommend to anyone having problems.

“I would never of thought of hypnosis for fertility but my friend had HypnoBirthing sessions with Sue and recommended so I checked out the site. I was unsure whether to have some sessions or get the program so I thought I would try the program first. There was lots of information about research and trials using hypnosis alongside IVF and this really inspired me to continue with the program. I felt so much calmer and positive than my first round of IVF treatment and I did get pregnant!!!! I’m over the moon, who can say if it would have happened anyway but I know really benefited and I am still benefiting from the sessions now as they help me feel calm and relaxed and keeps my stress levels at bay. Amazing!!!

“I had a real phobia of flying, I don’t know where it came from because I used to be ok. The last flight I took, just a 2 and a bit hour flight I actually cried most of the flight, as a bloke I was embarrassed but I just couldn’t help it. I have tried to fly since but this time I couldn’t even get on the plane. I was really frustrated with myself because this meant we couldn’t all take a family holiday abroad so it was affected them too. I hadn’t really thought of hypnosis but my friend had tried it for stopping smoking so I decided to give it a try. The great thing is not only was I fine flying but I wasn’t worrying about it for weeks before either!! Absolutely brilliant 5 stars!!

“My life was being ruined by my blushing habit, just about anyone would trigger it, as soon as someone was looking at me there it was!!! Arghhh even in the post office, what!! Why was this happening? I didn’t even feel embarrassed so why was I blushing? I tried green camouflage creams but I felt you could still tell and it was ruining my life. Thankfully I found help here, no more blushing!! And no more worrying about blushing!!! Just brilliant I feel like I’ve got my life back. Terrific program definitely recommend!! I didn’t even think it would work!!

“My IBS was getting worse and even if I was on a good day I would worry about it. Although the pain was just awful what was really impacting on me too was the fact that I was becoming anxious about going anywhere. I couldn’t use public transport and I was even getting anxious driving short distances. I used to love going for walks and days out but now worry I would be caught short. I couldn’t go into a shop or café unless I knew there were toilets. I was sick of it!! I didn’t want to be on constant painkillers but at least I had them, but there was nothing to help with the worry and I was becoming more and more of a hermit. Trawling the Internet I found the support I was looking for and it’s turned my life around, from the first session of the IBS program I knew this would work for me and it has!! I still have some symptoms but not as bad and I feel more in control and best of all I no longer worry about going out. I’ve changed my mindset, I used to allow my IBS control me, I wouldn’t go places because of IBS, now I don’t let it control me anymore. I’m calm and happy, confident to just get on with my life. Excellent program thoroughly recommend.